Transformation in Banff, Canada

After hearing James Tyberonn’s Metatron channel (; Sacred Banff & The Michael Vortex, Lord Michael & The Lady of the Lakes) about the magic of Banff, Alberta, Canada, and in particular the description of the energetics of the “Michael Vortexial Portal of Banff”, especially beginning this year of 2016, I knew I had to go… Continue reading Transformation in Banff, Canada


Multidimensionality – Yes, Bring it On!

I was once asked, “Why would you want to, what is the purpose?” as I attempted to relate my recent experience and revelation of the possibility of changing our reality during conscious déjà-vu moments.  I had experienced that these déjà-vu moments were intersecting, parallel life timelines that could be used to make a different choice… Continue reading Multidimensionality – Yes, Bring it On!