Transformation in Banff, Canada

After hearing James Tyberonn’s Metatron channel (; Sacred Banff & The Michael Vortex, Lord Michael & The Lady of the Lakes) about the magic of Banff, Alberta, Canada, and in particular the description of the energetics of the “Michael Vortexial Portal of Banff”, especially beginning this year of 2016, I knew I had to go there and experience it myself.  And I felt that the Summer Solstice would be the perfect time to do so.

It is interesting to me that back in the ‘90s when I was looking for a place to retreat by myself, I chose to camp in Kootenay National Park in British Columbia which is next door to Banff, Alberta.  It is within the energetic radius of the Michael vortex, though I did not know that at the time.

In looking back over my life travels, I can see how I have been guided to particular places unbeknownst to me consciously.  Over and over again I have felt the call of my higher self, thinking it was just me, my idea, my desire to travel to various sacred sites, my idea to retreat to the beauty of nature and immerse myself in it.

All these years I have been consciously strengthening my connection to my higher self in order to feel it more clearly and purely.  I did not recognize then that I was already connected and an open channel for Spirit.  I did not recognize it then because I came into this life like that, open and connected, so the feelings, the voice of my higher self was not distinct and always felt like my voice.

So, once again, I felt the pull to experience Banff based on Archangel Metatron’s description of it.  I would gladly connect with the Angels, the Fae, the Deva more consciously than I am accustomed.  I would happily download the geometric codes of the ancient mountains to open to that wisdom and greet the Lady of the Lake of Lake Louise by touching her soft, green water.  And, I would cleanse all of my bodies and align my chakras within the radium hot springs upon arriving and before leaving.  Most importantly, I would embody the energy of the Michael vortex,  as I have embodied the energy of every other sacred site I have been to, and carry that light back home and to each place I travel.

Two incidents stand out from the trip to Banff.  One is an encounter with what felt like a friendly, non-human entity who asked to sit next to me on the bench I occupied that faced Lake Louise.  He looked human, but when he spoke and what he spoke and the way he tried to be humorous exuded an awkwardness as though he was not accustomed to the nuances of human conversation.  Things he said sometimes didn’t make sense in the overall conversation.  They were just statements that were thrown out with no context. And he had a kind of deliberate friendliness.

He carried two cameras, one a large, black digital camera that hung around his neck and the other on his phone, the latter on which at one point, while leaning over to me, he showed me the “panoramic” shot he had taken of Lake Louise and the surrounding mountains.

He said he was from Australia.  I don’t remember him having a pronounced Australian accent though.  I won’t expand on the reason why, but the mention of Australia was significant to me, a message for me.

He never asked about me, as if he already knew what he needed to know.

The second incident happened as I was sitting on a large rock at the far side of Lake Louise from the Fairmont Chateau hotel.  I had my eyes closed and I was inviting the mountain to download its geometric codes into me, that the codes open their wisdom to me and that through me they open others to their own divine light.  Soon after making my invitation, three young people, two males and a female, speaking loudly in an Asian language, walked up closely behind me.  With my eyes still closed, I heard them come closer to me, the two males walking directly around, one to my side and the other in front of me, so close to me that I felt like I was invisible to them, otherwise why would they stand so close?  I opened my eyes to see a backpack a foot or so in front of my face that was being carried by the male in front of me.

I smiled at the realization that they were receiving the energy of the codes and in their own ways were opening to their divine lights.  They had been drawn to me.

After leaving Banff I continued to experience its effects, and still continue to do so.  In particular, for five days I experienced what some would call a kind of vertigo.  At each turn of my head, it would spin, and the room would spin with it, making me nauseous and threatening to knock me off my feet.  I knew that I was shifting and lifting.

The magic of Banff transformed me.  It opened my heart even more and left me feeling lifted and embodying a greater amount of light.  My senses appear to be enhanced and I feel and experience more acutely.  Colors are more vivid and food tastes different.  My heart is so open that I cry at everything that moves me to feel love.

That’s what I took away from Banff.