Out of My Comfort Zone

My life has been lived outside of my comfort zone, because I have not felt comfortable here on earth.  I have often not felt that I can relate to it and others.  And yet, I have not secluded myself away from everything–I have participated in what I think of now as this grand adventure of life as a human.

As Destiny, I started out my life mostly as an observer—watching, learning, acclimating to life in my body and to others in theirs.  Much of my early experience as soul, while attempting to fit into and understand life as a human in the 1960s in the United States, was spent being in the higher realms of spirit as well.  These inner world travels, often while daydreaming, were unconsciously taken or unknown to the mind of Destiny, who still experienced that she was physically within the holographic world of Earth.

I know that now because those inner world travels left no human world experience to recall as memories; therefore, I have very little memory of my early years on earth or otherwise.  Which is probably a good thing, because my early life was filled with much pain.

I have always been “in touch” with my feeling nature, and it has guided my direction in life because I feel the appropriate choices to make and then make them.  There is very little questioning going on in my mind as to what choice to make.  I know the choices before me and I choose the one that feels right for me.  Then I take the first step.  I suppose because all of my choices are out of my comfort zone, that is not part of the equation in choosing.

For the fulfillment of my greater soul’s purpose, I am driven to experience this life, and so I do.  Yet, I experience it not only as Destiny, but consciously as the spiritual being that I am.  As I look back, I can say that I have never forgotten the spark of All That Is that I am, that is the consciousness that resides within me as me.  And from this perspective I have lived my life as Destiny.

I am blessed to have this knowing, because it allows me to feel comfort while outside of my comfort zone.

 * * *

Once, while on a group walking tour in Scotland, I told a story to my fellow travelers of the time while off the coast of the island of Hawaii I went swimming with the dolphins even though I don’t swim.  I knew it was something I wanted to do, and I wasn’t afraid to do it.  It was definitely intimidating though.  While in the water I wasn’t entirely comfortable and became even less so for a few minutes when I allowed my mind to think about how vast the ocean is and then how out of my element I was.  In those few minutes my mind talked my emotions into feeling fearful.  So I had to take control and calm them down, while at the same time grabbing onto the steadying arm of the boat captain who had remained close to me throughout.

One man in the group  of travelers asked me why did I go swimming with the dolphins in the ocean knowing that I didn’t swim?  The answer is that sometimes I just get a “wild hair” and I do things I wouldn’t ordinarily do.  Since I don’t truly have a comfort zone in this life, it’s probably easier for me to do things that I find uncomfortable.  I have gotten comfortable being uncomfortable.