What You Believe To Be True Will Be True For You

Such an important statement, the title of this piece. What you believe to be true will be true for you. Forgetting the truth of this statement will not null its effect. This truth is at work always, whether one is conscious of it or not.

What does this mean? How does this work? Your beliefs are your foundation from which you create your world. The creation of your experiences begin with the simple truths you hold within as your foundation of truth. Therefore, each one’s truth will be slightly different, unique to you individually. Where you see similarity is where your beliefs coincide with another’s, where they coincide with your society’s, where they coincide with the world’s.

Your beliefs did not originate at the beginning of this life experience—they are a culmination of beliefs you held in many of your incarnations. Before this expression of you in this life it was decided which beliefs you would carry forth consciously to this now in order to create the life wherein you would be able to experience that which would fulfill your plan for learning and growing as a being of light.

Nothing is forgotten from all of your incarnations. It all remains a part of you. This includes experiences, thoughts, feelings, learnings. All of these pieces of self are recorded and many are utilized in each expression of you, which you can consider to be your underlying personality, the character you have chosen to play in your life as spirit in form.

What you hold within as your beliefs determine what is brought into your field of resonance with those beliefs. Possibilities are endless until your beliefs and thoughts qualify the creative source energy that you breathe into you and send out to draw forth that which resonates with it in a like vibration.

Upon recognition of this truth, one is then able to consciously create experiences by choosing one’s beliefs and thoughts.

If one does not like the output of creativity one has manifested, one may think again upon a new thought. One may change one’s beliefs, one’s habitual patterns of thought into consciously choosing what one thinks upon. This is the power of creation of your world. This is the power of you.

As you begin to allow for possibilities where before your mind would not believe could be, you open the door for beliefs to be altered and a whole new world of experience will arise and touch you.