Believing Yourself Into Being

Greetings. Our purpose today in this sacred space in which we create through intention is that of enlightenment of self, of the journey ahead, of the journey now. Giving and allowing for a new perspective, a new way of seeing and of being through your time and space as it shifts into a new place of being. It shifts as a whole. Individuals, life forms, planets, universe, all is affected deeply. Changed.
This shift of which we speak, this gathering momentum of increasing light, brings only more light, as it releases that which is not of its own light vibration/frequency. It is a natural occurrence, this resonance of vibration releasing all that is not in accordance with its set frequency. It shall be released, whether one chooses to release easily or not that which is not in accordance with this new light capacity within. There may be discord in this way within the self. Gently observe and realize that which is new within—a new stance, a new perception, a new view and feeling of life. Each will be affected in their own way in accordance with their consciousness in each moment as they allow the newness, or not, to seep into their consciousness and allow for a growing awareness of self and all in relation to all.
This new expansiveness needs to become recognized within oneself in order to become the fullness of that which you are. Your divine direction on this path of enlightenment, of lightening up, shall we say, is happening now and will continue. It has been your path all along, that of humanity. It is now becoming more recognized globally and will continue in this way to be more and more recognized as the shifts occur and you discover a newness within.
You will need new definitions of self as this occurs, new definitions of life, descriptions of such, as old ways and descriptions and definitions will no longer apply. These, in addition, will need to be released. Finding new ways of identification of self and your world will become essential in allowing for new frequencies within, breaking down the old ideas to allow for the new.
It shall be open territory, an open flow, not so solidified as it has become in your minds, this definition of who you are. Who you are truly is so expansive it cannot be solidified into one thought. It cannot be encompassed in one idea, as it is ever evolving and fluid and in motion and expansion and change. This is the norm, as you have previously not understood it to be. You have felt yourselves to be finite beings, not easily changed. You are who you are in your minds. Yet this is untrue. This idea of self needs to be expanded into truth of your being, the truth that you are ever changing and evolving. You are not your lower mind, your lower self. Never have been. Yet you have identified yourself as such, thereby keeping you in that place of being.
Now, as more comes to the forefront of your mind, the truth of your being of the light source that you are, cracks will open within your mind to allow for further truth of your being to be known. Allow for this truth to come to you fully, to come through you fully, without limitation of set definition of self. You are what you have known yourself to be, or should we say believed yourself to be. Now believe yourself to be more than that. Know the truth of your being and allow it to come forth fully.
Play with the ideas of who you are, who you can be as this light source, and thereby allow for those possibilities to come to fruition. It is all in your doing and being and accepting in order for it to come to fruition. This is the path you are on at this moment, the path of remembering the truth of your being and allowing it to come forth. Blessings.