Channeling Demystified

I had wondered about, and recently received, a new expanded clarification of why channeling is being encouraged so strongly by many light beings in the higher realms.  First, the word channeling has been defined rather narrowly in most cases as allowing other entity energy to merge with yours that it may express through you.  Using this perceptual view of channeling, it did not seem to me important that everyone should (don’t like that word) channel, and for what purpose?

I now have come to perceive a new meaning, a broader definition for the word channeling.  And with this new meaning, its emphasis and inclusion in our way of being is essential.

Channeling, in a broader sense, is simply allowing Spirit to guide you through inspiration, or your feeling nature.  Yes, it can come through as higher wisdom from higher vibrating, higher awareness beings (or lower for that matter), but it is also you accessing your own higher wisdom, your own intuition, guidance from the higher realms and inspiration.  It is hearing/feeling/knowing through your higher self that can then be expressed through your physical self.  It is the state of being that allows for mastery of the lower bodies of the physical, mental and emotional that have since infancy taken the front seat in driving our lives.

The lower mind with the ego influences the emotions based on learned behavior of what it believes is appropriate to feel in reaction to a thought, which then ultimately influences what action is taken.  The typical disconnected human will react in this way.  The human who is connected to or channeling their higher self will act consciously, deciding based on this higher perspective how he/she will think, feel and act.  That is the new ascended higher dimensional being which we are becoming as we travel on this path of self mastery.

How does one open to channel?  By opening the heart.  Love is the frequency of the higher realms.

Learning to channel is essentially about learning to quiet the internal mind chatter long enough to raise your frequency in order to connect with your higher self and all that can come through it.  The more you allow for this connection (or practice this), the stronger your higher self can be felt/known/heard as the main “voice” guiding your life, where you are feeling your way through life instead of calculating it through thought.  (A good practice is to feel what action is appropriate before deciding on one.  How does each option feel to you as you consider it?)

     Channeling is merely you being more of all you are as a wise, loving soul.  It allows you to see the world and your experiences in it from a higher, broader, more knowing perspective from where thoughts, emotions and actions can be consciously chosen.  It is a level of being where you are thinking with your heart.