Self First in Joy

   When I came to this earth, I had a plan, a mission to fulfill—to assist, with others, to lift the planet’s vibration by being love or holding the light that I Am through this physical body. I am a holder of the light—a lightworker. In addition to holding the light that I am (and we are) I play with the light by intentionally shifting frequency through thought and action. In this way I have helped to shift the planet and humanity into a higher vibration of love, as was my purpose. But now I find my purpose has changed. Because we have shifted to being more love, that life purpose has been fulfilled.
In the early 1990s, while I was fulfilling another life plan, that of raising my two children, I had a realization that came tumbling out of my mouth to a friend—“I am not here for me; I am here for humanity.” I wasn’t sure how it was to manifest, but I knew I was here in service to All That Is for humanity.
Throughout my life I have inquired of All That Is how this service would manifest and asking to be used by Spirit in ways that were for the highest good of the whole. I spent many years feeling that I was still waiting to be used, and that is because until now I had not recognized how I had been used. I expected it to manifest in my physical world as my doing something instead of what and how I was being, when in truth my purpose has been to merely be the light I Am in this world in my everyday living of it.
What kept me feeling I was not fulfilling my purpose was the knowing that I am a teacher, counselor and healer that was not actively teaching, counseling or healing on a large scale, and my feeling that I am acting on a large scale elsewhere in another life existence. There was always a feeling that I wasn’t doing enough, but in truth I was doing everything I had come here to do, in the way that I had come here to do it.
When I realized that the plan had been fulfilled, that the Earth and subsequently all had been lifted in light enabling a shift into higher dimension and that part of my “job” was over, along with my joy I felt sadness. What was I to do now? My job of beingness was a success, but I still felt the desire to do, and I wondered if there was still more to my life purpose.
Recently I received a message in answer to my question. The answer was simple yet communicated in a way I had not heard before that enabled me to comprehend its meaning more deeply.

“Hello, dear one. We are from the stars, your family of light, whom you so graciously allot the time to say hello and treat you with respect of your own light coming forward.
You have been enacted and enabled to shed this light onto the foreground onto yourself and others. We graciously acquiesce to be here now in your presence and outside of your presence from afar to enlighten further your life purpose and path in this now.
   Graciously we invite you also as well to open and receive and reflect upon your life purpose thus far, to see how it leads and transfers to a newness while using the oldness as stepping stone to the new frequencies and establishments you shall use and maintain and create.
   Dear one, you are indeed listening and hearing clearly all that we have for your ears and mind and feeling, as your heart is open enough to receive these from us. You are well schooled in the teachings we have put before you throughout your life. We have put these in front of you in order to establish a groundwork of substantial knowledge that you may draw from in the present and future, in each present now that creates your future nows.
   Be not alarmed and withdrawn in thinking and perceiving your life now to be stagnant and unworthy of your countenance upon this planet earth. For indeed you have been and will be put to use in a variety of ways unbeknownst to you consciously. You are endeavoring to ‘do’ and be much in your lifetime. And we shall encourage you to fully step forth into all that you are in order to be and feel your uniqueness and depth of being.
   You shall do this and be this for yourself alone, though you may feel the desire to be it and do it for others as well. This is a complement of this beingness, this sharing of benefit to all. But do remain knowing in this fact that it is for you, your experience that you are being. Your motives of purpose shall be for your experiential gain first. You as a spark of God shall be owner of the energies you put forth where others may gain. The possibilities are put forth from you, and others may grasp the availability of them as you have put them forth.
   Do what you do for yourself and your own joy of being first and foremost. The residual outcome of benefit to all will be forthcoming on its own without your effort or persistence in doing so as motivation for you. Allow your motivations to come from your heart with the joy of being in mind as sole motivator, thereby eliminating the burden of failure or not.
   What you deliver shall be for your own health and well being and newness of self and joy. There is no burden in being for your own sake, no burden of unfulfillment of task. For there is no task at hand when you allow yourself to be in joy for joy’s sake, with no goal in mind other than joy fulfilled and felt and known for yourself. All will reap the rewards of this joy for self’s sake in the end, though allow your focus to remain on your own joy fulfilled.
   You will see and know that fulfillment you seek in being this teacher and healer in this way. Unintentional teaching and healing through expressing and being yourself, inspiring others through selfless being. Your purpose is to inspire through your own beingness. Others will observe, will take notice and be inspired to lift themselves to greater heights. There is nothing you can say that will teach inspiration. You may provide information about how you yourself have lived. You can inspire others to be all that they are, which is your desire, by being you fully as an example of being all that you are.
   Your words fall short on deaf ears when others are not able to hear. Yet your actions speak volumes and are accompanied by the love you send forth from you, your open heart being felt by others. These forms of communication shall touch others’ lives, shall reach refined realms within each that can only be ‘touched’ in this way.
   Your purpose, dear one, is to be this love that you are, fully, unabashedly, maintaining your light through all diversity. Be who you are always and you shall be fulfilling your divine purpose.”

In actuality, I am here for me as well as humanity. Whatever I am to choose to do and create, I am to do it for myself, for the pure joy of it, and in so doing I shall affect all in upliftment with this higher energy of love and light as an inspiration to others.