The Birth of a Soul–All in Good Time

In my work as a word processor I do a lot of audio transcription of personal interviews, taking the recorded word as sound and transferring it into a visual word format.  I get to eavesdrop on other people’s stories, the experiences that culminate as their lives.  As I take it all in, it then becomes a part of my life experience—each of us as mirrors reflecting for one another.

The latest set of stories I have been listening in on involve new moms sharing their childbirth experience.  As I listen to them, and think back to the birth of my two children, I feel and remember the naïveté and vulnerability of being a woman giving birth for the first time.  Mothers expecting their first child depend on the doctors, other mothers, doulas and classes to prepare and enlighten them on the process.  Unfortunately information from these sources does not usually include the metaphysical perspective.

Increasingly I am discovering, through the details these women share, the desire of the doctors to control when a child will be born in what appears to be their wish for the birth to accommodate their own schedule.  These days they use drugs to induce labor when they feel the labor isn’t “progressing”, and they have a technique called stripping the membranes, which is also supposed to induce labor.  Twice I heard this procedure was used by their doctors without informing the women what they were doing and what the outcome would bring.

Another common theme within these stories is the woman’s fear that her biological clock is ticking and her desire to become pregnant immediately.  When a pregnancy doesn’t occur right away, she pushes to make it happen with in vitro fertilization.

As I listen to these stories, I am seeing a different perspective, that of the soul.  The soul has a divine plan perfectly timed to bring about its “birth” at the right moment, based on who it desires to be as a human and what and how it wishes to experience itself.  And yes there are backup plans, other moments that would do as well, and some not as much.  The imprinting of astrological energetics, the genetics of the soul family into which one is born all play a part in the outcome and potentials of the soul’s experience on earth.

Interestingly, and validated by the stories being shared by these women, there is no manipulating or controlling the birth of a soul into form.  Though labor-inducing drugs and other techniques are used to speed up the process of delivery, they often do not have the desired effect.  The expectant mother walking around the hospital floor for three hours in hopes of “pushing” the baby to be born now instead of later doesn’t work.  Some women find they are pushing for a long time because the soul’s perfect moment hasn’t arrived, while others give a push and out it comes.

Behind the scenes in the higher realms I can see each soul’s team of guides, guardians and teachers madly orchestrating the timing and circumstances of each birth to coincide with the soul’s plan for its desired life on earth of learning and growth.  They can have a lot of work to do running interference for the soul.  And the soul’s birth is only the beginning…

                                                       *  *  *

Dear ones, we are indeed pursuing a life of your dreams for you behind the scenes as we express to you this love we feel in your potential experiences to come from birth.

Divinely inspired your being is now and forever, and its expression in totality is your desired outcome.  We resonate with this intention of yours and thereby seek to provide a means, many means for these opportunities to present themselves to you in your life. We shall assist you in this way as this is our position at this time for your journey on earth.  There will be other purposes we shall serve in eternity, yet now this is our focus, to divinely serve you in this way.

The outcome of your journey is your own to choose, yet we assist in the perfectly timed happenstance you shall receive, divinely inspired by your greatest self as overseer.  You shall encounter what you would determine to be bumps in the road, yet these too are divinely inspired by your highest self, with us in orchestration of such outcome, allowing for the fullest possibilities to come about for your growth.

For this you have come, to grow and proceed “up the ladder” so to speak in level of notice of your divinity, your own notice of your divine self in form.  You shall not be disappointed at the end of this journey, for this knowing shall be increased within you.  Your light you carry shall increase in this knowing as you incorporate more light into your being-ness on earth.

There shall be no disappointments, for your life experience has no goal other than to be all that you are in form.  Yes you have come with intentions, yet they are just that—intentions to experience in particular ways your being of light.  There is no failure in this intention, for every movement in the slightest of light into form has already been accomplished, and your intention therefore met.

There is no pressure in this life you live to accomplish anything other than being this light and love in form.  You have met this intention with your birth into form.  Take this knowledge and allow it to fill you with feelings of ease in this life you live.   – Masters of Light