Consciously Living the Truth of Your Being

Greetings, once again. In tandem we work, releasing, without judgment, the fears of the unknown that come before you through your life existence as you have known it to be.
Many are willing to come to adjustment of self at this time in your realm for enlightenment. Others are stagnant in their growth and are ready to be put forth into their resonant realm wherein they will endure the confines of their minds, this place where they exist, their life experience with shadow self expressed fully in order to be known to them, to become aware of for future release of the darkness which hides them from themselves. Many are ready and willing to move forward through this light I Am, and it shall be, as it is beginning now.
The process of enlightenment, of increasing one’s light through the physical body, has begun and will continue—this that is termed ascension. All are on this path, yet there are those who have stalled, as we have said. Your future selves require your attention to this process of enlightenment for your further enhancement. Allow yourselves to gravitate to the mindset of expansion by increasing your further focus on this purpose and this path.
Conscious development is essential to your knowing the truth of your being. Step forth each day in conscious awareness of the I Am Presence that you are, that moves this physical vehicle forward and around, that animates all parts of you, overseeing, guiding your path. This is your future, the way of the new life expression. You shall be a conscious, aware being, fully conscious of all that you are, of all ways in which you exist, places in which you exist, and the simultaneousness in which you exist. You are a multidimensional being, as you know mentally, yet you will know experientially in the days to come. It will not merely be a concept to you. You will know it and feel it.
This is where you are headed, the path before you, awakened within this being. Expansive, expressive, filled with light and love, knowing yourself to be one with all others. This as well, this knowing of being one, is a further idea that will be known in other than concept form. It will be lived and felt by all, one giant party, a festival, a gathering of all in this feeling, never to be separated in your mind again. For truly it is only in your mind this separation exists, is believed to be.
All barriers will be lost as you shift your awareness into your knowing, into your true self. This is the process at hand. A gradual process for many. Others will experience shifts less gradual, more immediate in their knowing. All dependent upon what you are open to, what you are capable of in the moment, what you will allow to be for you.
These shifts will take place within you. They will continue with no end. Further enhancement is ongoing. Enjoy the ride. We shall be with you, riding side by side, awaiting your notice of us more intently, and thereby increasing our interaction with you. Blessings.