Multidimensionality – Yes, Bring it On!

I was once asked, “Why would you want to, what is the purpose?” as I attempted to relate my recent experience and revelation of the possibility of changing our reality during conscious déjà-vu moments.  I had experienced that these déjà-vu moments were intersecting, parallel life timelines that could be used to make a different choice (or the same one) in that moment of conscious awareness of both timelines.

The question left me surprised and speechless.  My only thought was, Why would you not want to?  I hadn’t considered the possibility that someone I knew to be spiritually self-aware would not want to expand that awareness of self.

One answer to the question of, “Why, what is the purpose?” can be that, if nothing else, it is an exercise in dimensionality, playing at being multidimensional and thereby expanding consciousness.

As I contemplated the question further, I was reminded that, yes indeed, we are all here for our own individual learning and each will be unique to us, and perhaps we are not all here to experience the same levels of consciousness expansion.  Certain goals were not designed into our original plan as souls before coming to this earth experience.

Yet with that knowing is also the broader purpose of our lives on earth as a collective—that of ascension.  And what is ascension but the lifting of vibration (or frequency) and expansion of light that we hold as more of our multidimensional Self is merged with our human self.  As this occurs, we are expanding in awareness, higher soul awareness.  Our gifts of spirit open to us.  We are able to explore ourselves in multidimensional awareness, since we exist in many dimensions simultaneously.

Perhaps some are not desirous of experiencing this multidimensionality of self during this shift into higher dimension, but for me it is the purpose of my life here—to open to experience and be all that I am as soul in form that is becoming more light.  This is my opportunity to live it fully, diving into each experience while simultaneously remembering myself as a multidimensional being.

That is the challenge—remembering who I am as I experience who I am not.  Yet I know as I continue to stretch my mind, my imagination, into new avenues of perceptions and possibilities of self, the remembering becomes knowing, an awareness that I carry with me always through my experiences.

                                                                         *  *  *

It is an inward journey, that which you are on.  It begins within and ends within, while using your outward perceptions to view that which is held within, to view and experience.  All shifts are made within, though it appears to be from outside of you. 

The line is not fully drawn.  There is confusion about reality.  Identifying yourself with your outward circumstance blurs this line, creates the confusion of the reality of your true self.  Yet this true self will be known more clearly in the days to come as you experience more clearer definition of you, as opposed to your outward experience.

Your outward experience is merely one expression of you.  There are many dimensional aspects of you expressing at once.  Your focus has been in one direction, that which is known by you as your life experience.  Yet your life experience as soul encompasses much more simultaneously to this expression of self.

Your broadness you shall become aware of experientially, realizing you are more than you think you are in your unlimited capacity to be.  Yet this has served a purpose, your finite perceptual expression.  The purpose of knowing who you truly are through experience of what you are not.  It has been a backward, roundabout way to know oneself, this earthly life expression, to break through the confines of the limited lower mind self.

Yet now that this has begun, a new life expression shall be forthcoming, more on a forward track rather than roundabout, viewing more fully yourself as you truly are rather than what you are not.  This shall remain your focus as you move through the next stages of your experience as soul through this journey. Follow your heart; it shall lead the way to your trueness of self.      – Masters of Light