We See a Grand Reunion of Light

The seat of the soul is within you, within your grasp as you merge together as one. You will be as one in observance, in knowing, in living and experiencing, thereby performing feats of the soul, gifts of the soul, expanded awareness of the soul that you are.

We offer you this day this insight that we give to you of your broader self being revealed to you, an awareness that this shall come to be for you and for all. We guide you in your steps to this place of power, a reawakening through poking holes into the mind precepts you have held onto that may block your view from your fullness.

These new concepts shall become a part of your new design, an opening of your self, your mind, your belief system, that which you carry with you that propels you into outside experience. In this way your outside experience shall evolve openly with these new thoughts, ideas, beliefs of which we shall introduce. We have already begun in this way through this material and previously in your experience to open you, to grab your attention to a new way of thinking and being. We will continue in this way for you and for all.

This is your experience to come here on earth, your reason for being, that you shall know your greater self—know it as being it and experiencing it. There are many upon this path of enlightenment of reawakening to all that they are. There are many who are not consciously aware of being upon this path, yet they are ready to fly and burst through the confines of their minds that have held them captive with limited beliefs of all experience and truth.

Many will come to you for guidance. Many will come to you for pure light experience, energetic experience and awakening. Many will come who will not know why they come, if only to be in this energetic frequency of light of which you hold. Words may not be necessary. Come to them openhearted, allowing the development of relationship to fulfill its outcome appropriately without expectation or limiting this relationship to a finite experience. Allow it to be and unfold naturally and each to open to their possibilities.

We see a grand reunion of light, each light illuminating for another as they come into contact, as one candle would light the flame of another, expanding the light around the globe in this way. Use your light wisely, gently, with purpose, conscious at all times of its presence, its function, its possibilities to bring forth greater light and truth. Walk each day in this knowing as you move forward. Each task at hand put forth this knowing, this intention within it for the highest good to be made known.

Dear ones, we are ever present, watching as all unfolds before you. Include us in your daily preparations for life experience that we may become a greater service. Blessings.