Source in Expression

Greetings, we are here. We have not left your side. Our experience is your experience, through your eyes, through your senses. We direct a call to you now through you, a connection of inner beings as one.

Our light Source is your light Source. We come from the same Source of light. We exist within this same source of light, and we use this light in our living, in our being, in our expression, all forms of expression. This is the one and only Source from which all comes into existence. Directing this Source is its use by us. In this word “us” we include you and all.

Take a moment to realize your true essence as this source of light, God Source to some. It is a name given to it, yet there is no name to encompass it, no thought to encompass it. It must be experienced to be known, as you are experiencing it through you to be known to you. In a reciprocal manner, Source experiences through you. It is a shared experience. You as a stepped-down energy vibration of Source are experiencing as Source through one view, as there are many views of you, of humanity, of Source in other realms.

We are here to guide you through experiential visions of self, ways of viewing yourself anew, ways to broaden your horizons that you may create with the broadest strokes, knowing the possibilities that emanate from you. It is not a one dimensional experience—it is a many dimensional experience of which you participate on many realms at once.

You may catch glimpses of these other realms as you live your life expression through this realm. More and more this shall happen for you as your aspects merge together as one being, one point of perception through you. Fully delve into your whole being as possible, allowing for this through your senses, through the mind, in order that it may know itself fully as larger, greater than previously experienced and known. As these ideas filter and float through your mind, the mind will expand, broaden its scope, allowing for greater possibility and expansion and expression.

There are numerous ways in which to express, not the least of which is inward expression, where all begins. It begins within, all creation. Closing your mind to outward expression at various intervals will create a deepening of self-awareness, further expression and expanse in all directions, unlimited creations—stepping out of the realm of mind where fears may be held, where you block yourselves from your fullness of being, that great light I Am expressed through you.

Deepen your resolve to be this greatness released through you in each moment as you go about your day. Your fullness of being awaits you in its entirety, your allowance of such fullness. For truly allowance is the key and the intention to be set. Blessings, dear ones of light.