Opening to Your Potential as Beings of Light

Greetings from home. It is a wondrous day before you as you take flight, allowing your spirit to move you through your space and time, gathering momentum for your flight before you land carefully and safely into a new place of being. This generated by your responses, your intentions, your willingness to be all that you are.

We encourage your flying to the heights without end, as far, as high as possible. For this you were made in the image of God. No boundaries, limitless potential.

We join with you in this flight, in this ascension. As you step forth, we are beside you. We are guiding you to greater heights, encouraging you all the way forward. These heights of which we speak are determined by your mind, your desires. How high and how far you may go, what you may encounter along the way, and from that which will bring you joy, it has been determined by you, your soul self to which heights you may attain and for which purpose in this life experience.

We guide you in this endeavor, your soul’s purpose to be fulfilled. We shine a light for you to follow, each path. We are a beacon in this way. Open yourselves to us and we shall light the way. It is an energetic path, an inward journey fulfilled outwardly. It begins from within.

Contact us often, daily for this connection, this beacon you may follow. Yes, indeed, a beacon as in a lighthouse. There is joy in the journey. Allow yourselves to be fulfilled and lighthearted along the way.

* * *

The human spirit is wondrous—indeed magical—divinely inspired in its being-ness, its truth, its potential. Fulfillment of potential is deigned by each one individually, as your purpose fulfilled is your birthright, jetting forth safely and securely in the knowing you are already fulfilled.

Yet this journey you have embarked upon will set another stage for you to traverse in opening up to all your potential as beings of light. As you traverse this earthly journey, take heed you are within the confines of natural laws and purposeful imagery set forth by you and yours to work within these parameters. Exercise your totality of being-ness by fully engaging in your abilities of movement, thought, emotional attachment to your visions of creation. Expand your horizons fully by using your tools of earthly abilities, your humanness.

Take a step forth with this knowing in mind, in the forefront, as you calculate your next step. Creating intentionally, purposefully, choosing consciously your thoughts and movements, as they will propel you forward to your next event of creation and through creation. Step forth boldly, joyfully, knowing there are no mistakes on your journey, only experiences. You will begin to choose from the heart mind as you grow in awareness of self and the true connection you have with all. No thing will be scary in this knowingness of the connection of all life and the knowing of your true self as divine life that cannot be denied. Walk with this knowing, act with this knowing, and live therefore a divinely inspired life through all your experiences. Blessings.